1. Identity of the collector of the data
    1. This document is the Privacy Statement of B2Bev, with address at (1361 AH) Amere, Marinaweg 93.
    2. B2Bev is the responsible entity (‘de verantwoordelijke’) for the collection of Personal Data within the meaning of the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (‘de Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens’) and the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation EU 2016/679). B2Bev may collect personal information for the purposes set out below, and in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Statement.
    3. All correspondence with regard to this Privacy Statement should be directed to info@zxcs-klant.nl
  2. Principles for processing Personal Data
    1. B2Bev takes your privacy and the protection of your Personal Data very seriously. In this Privacy Statement we will outline the purpose of our collection of your Personal Data, and the conditions under which we collect and use your Personal Data. The collection of your Personal Data is, if reasonably possible, subject to confidentially. We will do our outmost to ensure that such collection will be done in accordance with all relevant mandatory data protection legislation.
    2. When collecting your data, we take all reasonably possible technical and organisational precautions to ensure that your data does not become accessible to unauthorized third parties. We note that it is impossible to guarantee complete data security in the case of e-mail correspondence. We would therefore recommend that you send us any confidential information by registered post.
  3. Personal Data
    1. For the purposes of this Privacy Statement, “Personal Data” means any information relating to, or possibly relating to, an identified or identifiable natural person, such as a name, age, postal address, email address, telephone number etc.
  4. Collecting and using Personal Data
    1. We collect different types of your Personal Data depending on the purpose of the collection. You can always request us for a further outline of which purpose(s) we are collecting and using your Personal Data.
    2. We may collect your name and email address for the purpose of:
      (a) contacting you after you have filled in a contact form;
      (b) providing you with information which you requested;
      (c) maintaining our technical administration;
      (d) sending you our newsletter, if requested;
      (e) sending you our information on our products and events, if consented to;
      (f) analysis and research.
    3. For the purpose of registering a user account on our website and connecting that account to one of our products (for as far applicable), we may collect your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, age, nationality and occupation.
    4. If b2bev introduces a new process or application that will result in the processing of Personal Data for purposes that go beyond the purposes as described above, b2bev will inform you of such new process or application for which your Personal Data will be used.
  5. Passing on Personal Data
    1. If you have provided us with Personal Data, this is only passed on or otherwise transferred to third parties if it is essential for performance of our services, or if you have given your explicit prior consent.
    2. B2Bev may be required to disclose certain Personal Data to other third parties:
      (a) as a matter of law (e.g. to tax and social security authorities);
      (b) to protect b2bev’s legal rights;
      (c) in an emergency where the health of security of you or b2bev is endangered;
      (d) to Law Enforcement Authorities in accordance with the relevant legislation including but not limited to the EU/2016/1148 concerning measures for a high common level of security of network and information systems across the Union (“the Network Information Security Directive”), an any national laws implementing that Directive.
    3. For (physical or digital) storage purposes, your Personal Data may be transferred to selected third parties of b2bev, either within the European Union or outside of the European Union. b2bev ensures that these third parties comply, or have assured to comply, with all applicable privacy legislation. With regard to third parties domiciled in the United States, b2bev ensures that these third parties comply, or have assured to comply, with all the Privacy Shield Principles of the Privacy Shield and have taken the necessary actions to register within the Privacy Shield framework.
  6. Cookies
    1. Parts of our website may use so-called cookies. Cookies are small text files which are deposited on your computer and which your browser stores. Cookies help us to adapt our offer to your interests, save your personal settings and make our website more user-friendly, efficient and secure.
    2. Most of the cookies we use are so-called “session cookies”. They are automatically deleted following your visit. Other cookies, so-called “permanent cookies” remain stored on your end device until you delete them. These cookies enable us to recognise your browser during a subsequent visit.
    3. Your browser enables you to disallow cookies, to allow cookies for specific websites or specific cases only or to allow cookies which are automatically deleted after your visit to a website. You can also prevent cookies from being stored at all by setting your browser to “don’t accept any cookies”. We point out that deactivating cookies may limit the functionality of our website and services.
    4. The following URLs give you more information on how you can manage your cookie-settings: Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Safari
  7. Protection of your Personal Data and reporting obligation of data leaks
    1. In the event your Personal Data is collected and stored, we ensure that we make use of adequate security measurements to assure appropriate protection of your Personal Data.
    2. In the event of a quantitative and qualitative loss, permanent or temporary damage, breach or unlawful use of Personal Data (a “Data Leak”), we are obligated to file a report with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Should we or the Dutch Data Protection Authority consider that such a Data Leak may negatively affect your privacy, we are obligated to inform you as well. Such notification cannot, in any way, be considered as an acceptance of liability for possible damages arising from the data leak.
  8. Period of collection of your Personal Data
    1. b2bev only collects your Personal Data for the necessary or legally allowed period, to be determined by the purpose of the data collection.
    2. The Personal Data as described under 4.3 of this Privacy Statement will be deleted after deletion or deregistration of your user account.
  9. Newsletter
    1. You may withdraw your previously granted consent to receive our newsletter by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link in the newsletter.
    2. This shall entail no additional costs other than any transmission costs charged by your provider.
  10. Your rights
    1. At any point and free of charge, you have the right to obtain information from us with regard to the collection of your Personal Data, the origin and recipient of that data as well as the purpose of the data collection.
    2. You also have the right to correct, lock, limit, delete or object to the collection of your Personal Data. You may correct and/or complete your data at any time. Stored Personal Data will be deleted if you withdraw your previously granted consent to this Privacy Statement, if the data is no longer necessary to complete the purpose for which the data was originally stored or if the storage is in any way impermissible for other legal reasons.
    3. In some cases, you may have the right to data portability which means that we must present you your Personal Data in a structured, functional and eligible format. Upon your request, we will inform you on your right to data portability.
    4. You may withdraw your consent or address any questions or modifications to us in written or electronic form at any time by sending a mail to info@b2bev.com or the address mentioned in 1.3 of this Privacy Statement.
    5. This shall entail no additional costs other than any transmission costs charged by your provider.
    6. At any point you have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority with regard to our collection of your Personal Data.
  11. Right of modification of this Privacy Statement b2bev reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement in accordance with the applicable legal data protection provisions at any time. Should such amendment have an impact on the scope of use of your Personal Data, the implementation of any modifications shall be subject to your prior consent.

Version 1.0 27-9-2017