Generale Sistemi Srl In-presa

Most advanced controllers and SW developer study to EV Market
Founded in (year): 2007
Founder: Mr Adolfo Deltodesco
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Being the result of the decennial experience in the Parking sector, Mobility and Fleet Management, combined with the partnership with important international sector players as ABB, REPOWER, SCAME spa etc In-Presa already establish itself as an influential and decisive business entity in the R&D background, specifically the EV charging stations.
Thanks to its unique experience in this sector, In-Presa designs, develops, provides and integrates from the single OEM controller to complete systems for electric vehicles charging with columns, panels or bars, platform roofs and stations:

A unique Know-How in:

EVSE OEM Control Board and Components
Electric Vehicle Charging Network
Supply Systems with Smart Plug
Charging Systems based on Customer Loyalty
Company Charging Systems
Network Control Software for Vehicles OCPP or proprietary
Electric Mobility Projects
Car Sharing and Bike Sharing
Electric Vehicles Fleet Management
Urban Logistics and Sustainability – Smart City
EV Charging Station
Electric Charging Point
EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment)


Generale Sistemi, through the brand In-Presa, boasts an exclusive experience on this new lease on life and, at a more detailed level, as part of Smart Grid – which is the basic outline – not only in terms of technology but of the “system” indeed. With its devices, Generale Sistemi allows the connection of smart networks overcoming the most common issue in the new mobility market: the fragmentation.

In-Presa is able to guide its partners in the design of products with the necessary foresight to address a market in full development and propose truly productive and sustainable solution for final customers, preventing them to waste resources in nonrecurring and ineffective projects. From OEM to columns and wallbox, from car sharing systems to management of EV-Bike fleets until charging stations for public or private users, Generale Sistemi is committed to make an important contribution to the emerging Smart Cities, combining efficient energy, economic viability and ecology into a single model, and creating new services for citizens and Public Administrations.

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