Vector Motors Corporation

Fastest and power powerful Hyper Electric Supercar in the world
Founded in (year): 1974
Founder: Mr. Gerald Alden Wiegert
Suitable for:
Used for:

Electric Car Manufacturers

VECTOR Motors Corporation (VMC) is a United States based “Aeromotive Technology Company.” VMC was founded by Mr.Gerald A.Wiegert ,an internationally known automotive entrepreneur & motorsports industry innovator. VECTOR’s Mission Statement is to design, engineer, assemble, market & sell advanced high-performance upper luxury sports-vehicles for the low-volume limited semi-automated production in the United States pf America.

VECTOR Motors is introducing the VECTOR WX-E advanced Electric Hypercar platform which is a versatile Electric Drive technology that is based on advanced Military Aircraft Technologies and Systems (MATS) that are superior to materials and component systems utilized by large auto manufacturers.VECTOR WX-E is an advanced machine that offers an unforeseen combination of power,responsiveness and luxury. The VECTOR WX-E will be the fastest accelerating, most powerful production car ever. VECTOR will have a V8 Hybrid PHEV model, a full Electric ans a Super SUV in production when started. WX-E platforms are AWD and capab;e of level 4 and 5 Autonomous drive and rapid charging using plug and wireless.

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