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Tritonev – Usa

Founder: Himanshu Patel

Electric Car Manufacturers

Electric Car Manufacturers

TritonEV on b2bevTriton-EV is the revolutionary new       subsidiary of Triton Solar (www.tritonsolar.com), a leader in solar panel and battery engineering. Triton Solar’s mission is to “make energy storage more reliable, more affordable, and more applicable.” Triton Solar and Triton-EV are committed to engineering a revolutionary new global energy structure and are working closely with partner nations to accomplish this goal.

TritonEV on b2bevOur team is made up of the premier automotive engineers from IIT Bombay, India’s most prestigious technical university. Our team of engineers gained initial notoriety in 2017 by building the first electric formula race car in India. Every vehicle from Triton-EV is powered by proprietary Triton Solar batteries, which are half the size and half the weight of conventional vehicle batteries.

TritonEV on b2bevWe are car enthusiasts who design and build our products for other car enthusiasts. This combination of technical skills and industry passion has allowed us to develop the best vehicle in the long-range electric sector, with world-class functionalities & safety features. All of our vehicles will be proudly made in the USA.

***This Electric SUV has More Range Than Two Tesla Model 3 Combined





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