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Electric Car Manufacturer

After working on electric vehicle conversions, we decided to design and build our own electric car. The project resulted in Eve, a car that has been covered in the press and in a documentary video, and even had a bit part in a movie. Eve has been on the road since 2009. The project was very interesting.

We used some innovative Canadian designers and products. Eve’s first drive train was an air-cooled system from Azure Dynamics in Ontario (they are now defunct); the second drive train is still in use: it’s a liquid-cooled TM4 system from Quebec. The charger is a Delta-Q from British Columbia. The chassis was designed and built in Ontario, and the body panels were built in Quebec and Ontario.

As of 2016, Eve is still on the road, running fine with 10-year-old batteries. The problem in commercializing a product like this is the rules and regulations, which are the same as those for designing, building and testing gasoline-powered vehicles.