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Electric and Hybrid Powertrain and Conversion Engineering

Electric Car Conversion

QuantumWorks Corporation (QWC) is a California company that was established in 1993 with the mission to bring innovation and “out of the box” thinking to design, process, multidisciplinary technology solutions, technical management and engineering development.

Our focus today is in the following:

  • Technology and Systems Development Management, Mentoring and Business Plan Consultation
  • Providing complete engineered custom powertrains and sub-systems for high performance clean transportation as in electric and hybrid vehicles.  ELECTRIC and HYBRID POWERTRAIN development – Our teams have the ability to take the best vehicles in almost every category and replace their ICE (internal combustion engine) powertrains with high performance electric and hybrid drive train solutions. Our components are based on a modular architecture that (in a number of cases) has the potential to outperform the ICE that was replaced.
  • We enjoy engineering vehicle powertrains for OEMs who are interested in selling multiple vehicles, AND we also provide services in creating one-off custom vehicles for non-commercial customers, especially those that intend to set new industry milestones, such as for special TV programming and record-breaking attempts.
  • We believe that those companies and individuals interested in doing their own electric vehicle conversions, should purchase parts and subsystems from companies like QuantumWorks and its partners, who actually use the parts and sub-systems in our own projects we develop for customers and OEMs.
  • Supporting our UAV partner ConSTAR-UAS in developing unique solutions for Fire Management, Detection, Suppression — Law Enforcement — Emergency Medical Services — Utilities, Code Compliance, and Infrastructure Management — Natural Resources Management.
  • Artificial Reality, Metal 3D printing and other technologies to improve quality and speed of product conceptualization, design, analysis, validation, production and testing.
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