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Under the guidance of SAIC Group’s new four strategies of “electrification, intelligent networking, sharing, and internationalization”, MG continues to lead the trend in the field of fuel vehicles, and its new energy vehicles attract young people. After its first new energy vehicle, MG 6 won a good market reputation, it launches ZS pure electric vehicle, and plans to enter the UK and other international markets next year. Next, MG ZS pure electric vehicle will undergo road tests for up to two months in many European countries to prepare for global sales. Equipped with the world-class “Net Green” power and SAIC’s leading system of electric drive, battery, and electric control, MG ZS pure electric vehicle boasts a constant velocity range of up to 428km. Moreover, the latest generation of “intelligent interconnection” system and the exclusive color of new energy will provide a better and trendier choice for the global market where the demand for pure electric vehicles is increasing.

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