China National Power Battery(beijing) Corporation

Global power battery industry operation.
Founded in (year): 2016
Founder: Mr. Chen Feng
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This company is a start-up

EV-Battery Cells

EV-Battery Manufacturer

China National Power Battery(Beijing) Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “CNPB”), founded in 2016, is a subsidiary of Zhong Neng Dong Dao Group (hereinafter referred to as “ZNDD”) with registered capital of USD 50 million. CNPB is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the power battery industry, with broad scope of business covering research & development, production, distribution, service, investment, integration of industrial resources as well as business operation. Thanks to its independent intellectual property rights of core technologies related with battery cells, battery packs and battery management systems (BMS), CNPB is providing a full range of one-stop customized service according to customers’ demand.

The performance of graphite-based nano-silicon-carbon cathode ternary power batteries newly developed and manufactured by CNPB has reached the international advanced standards and enables a cruising distance up to 600 km per charge for 30 mins. Besides, CNPB also possesses other leading-edge technologies, including those related with all-solid-state thin film batteries and super capacitor batteries, as well as those related with commercialized preparation process and manufacturing based on production lines. In order to complete its mission of “promoting and leading the revolution of power batteries and realizing sustainable development of green energy”, CNPB is committed, through its innovative business model, to build a leading brand in the field of power batteries and constantly promote the development of China power battery industry as a world-class leader by following the national industrial policies, adhering to the direction of green and energy-saving development and taking full advantage of ZNDD’s solid financial strength, global R&D resources for power battery technologies and excellent management personnel.

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