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EV-Fast Charging Stations Manufacturers (DC)

Phihong Technology
As a top notch manufacturer in the power supply field forover 45 years, Phihong is a leading global power supply manufacturer and recognized as a trustworthy brand by our customers around the world. We constantly create innovative products and at the same time insist on quality and safety.

With an eye to the international trend of environmental protection and carbon reduction, Phihong has success-fully developed a family of highly efficient EV chargingproducts, such as DC charging module, auxiliary power, control & supervisor unit (CSU), discrete type DC charger, integrated type DC charger, movable DC chargers, portable DC charger, roadside assistance DC charger , and wall-mounted and post type AC charger for EV bus, and EV passenger car.

Phihong EV charging software solution includes both the front end mobile app and user interface (HMI) as well as the back end central office and cloud-based management, payment and monitoring platforms. Through the front end mobile app, people can search for nearby chargers, make charging appointments, and monitor charging status. System operators can monitor individual EV charger overall status and update EV charger software remotely which facilitate the long term maintenance and management. Additionally, system operators can add revenues by broadcasting multimedia commercials on EV chargers as well as adding video camcorder to remotely monitor/record for community crime prevention.

With strong R&D design capability and solid manufac- turing experiences, Phihong Technology provides high quality and cost effective hardware / software productsbased on specific customer needs. Welcome to contactus for more information :

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