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EV-Powertrain / EV-Propulsion

BWS e-Mobility Technologies GmbH has developed an Artificial Intelligence Based Software for System Development of Electric Vehicles With Focus on Multi-Objective Optimization.

Our Software Tool reduces the effort and the time of your e-Powertrain Design from several months and several hardworking and solid experienced engineers to just few MINUTES. It considers all domains of system developments aspects such as Electric, Mechanic, Aerodynamic and Thermic, brings all aspects together and makes the best from the best.

It is so intuitive and smart, it guides you step by step during your Electric Powertrain System Design process, safely, creative and of course full accurate and precise. It takes over all complicated calculation and simulations needed to automatically optimize your system, search, create and accurately find your system from billions of possible solutions. It checks the plausibility of your requirements, suggests you better enhancement and keeps awake when you sleep. Whether you are old hand, start-up manager or beginner, our Software will support you to reach your goal as quick, safe, smart and economical as never before. Are you excited? just take in touch with us!

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