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The requirements that interfaces in hybrid and electric vehicles have to meet are as tough as they are diverse. These demands such as large numbers of mating cycles, current carrying capacity, temperature resistance and vibration resistance are met efficiently and reliably by ODU contact systems.

Through intelligent designs and the use of innovative materials, ODU offers high-quality and sustainable contact solutions for automotive technology, particularly for the reliable transfer of high power currents under complicated conditions.

One typical application in the automotive sectors is the contacting of ancillary components such as air conditioner compressors. Furthermore, plug-in and electric vehicles also benefit from the unique features of ODU contact systems – namely, by the guaranteed 10,000+ mating cycles for battery charging. Thanks to long-standing collaborations with leading cable manufacturers, you can expect ODU’s customized cable assembly solutions to give you maximum quality and flexibility.

Environmentally sound eMobility is profiting from ODU’s decades of experience.

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