b2b ev car

Moramp – Poland


EV-Charging Station Manufacturers (AC)

EV-Charger Bicycle / Scooter

MorAmp offers a full, comprehensive and modular electronic system for electric vehicles.

– motor controller (ECU)  which is the brain for the electric motor. Algorithms were
developed in-house to maximise the efficiency, safety and fault prediction. We can adjust our product to almost every electric motor on the market.

– intelligent battery management system (iBMS) which on the other hand is the brain for the
battery pack; it makes sure the longevity of the battery cells is maximised, that no thermal
runaway (and thus explosion) occurs

 real-time communication and tracking module (IoT), which sends all the data via
GPRS/LTE/NFC/Bluetooth to the cloud and app when necessary, also allow to fully control
the vehicle remotely with minimal latency.

– custom firmware which acts as a nervous system for all the products mentioned above;
thanks to this, tight integration between the components (and the Cloud) is ensured,
providing exceptional safety for the end-user.

Our unique selling value proposition lies in the breadth and modularity of the ecosystem – this allows for seamless, plug-and-play integration with either MorAmp’s or 3rd party components. Additionally, we offer state-of-the-art technology solutions in terms of hardware and software, which are optimised for vehicle and data efficiency.

As far as we know, we have the best, most integrated solution on the market – this takes away all the hurdles for the B2B customers like your business.
Also due to our massive technical know-how, we are able to help with the development of any
technologically feasible product.