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Electric Car Manufacturer

The Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Company was formed in 1995 to develop and produce an electric vehicle that would be environmentally friendly, fun to drive, efficient and affordable. Designing a traditional automobile using state of the art electric vehicle and battery technology would create a product that was very expensive and that would still not have the load and range capacity and performance characteristics that people expect an automobile car to have. In addition, electric automobiles would require a new infrastructure for charging of large battery banks, and would not help alleviate traffic and parking congestion. It was clear that an electric automobile is not the appropriate solution to the problem. NEVCO founders wanted to do something that was a positive contribution to society and to nature. More large, heavy cars will not do it . Clean expensive cars are not the answer either. For NEVCO, making a difference in personal transportation involves creating and entirely new type of vehicle, a Neighborhood Electric vehicle. The Gizmo™ Personal Commuter.

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