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Miba offers exactly the right components for all eMobility applications. Our outstanding development and system expertise combined with our long-term production experience allows us to offer a wide range of eDrive and hybrid drive systems. Together with vehicle manufacturers, we accelerate and successfully manage the transformation to eMobility – with Technologies for a Cleaner Planet.

We are aware that mobility and power generation will look completely different in the future and support our custom­ers every day with pioneering technologies. We help them reduce carbon emissions, increase the efficiency of existing drive concepts, keep pace with the trend toward new alternative energy sources and much more.

Miba is one of the leading strategic partners to the international engine and automotive industries, from providers in the fields of energy generation and transmission, in the oil and gas industry as well as in plant engineering. Our product portfolio includes sintered components, engine and industrial bearings, friction materials, power electronics components and coatings, used around the world in motor vehicles, trains, ships, aircraft, power plants, refineries, compressors and industrial pumps.

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