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Meyers Ev United States

Founder: Dana Myers
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Electric Car Manufacturers

Electric Car Manufacturer

finally, drive electric, affordably!

all the range you need for commuting and local driving, charge it almost anywhere, and start saving

we found a simple, affordable solution

From the start, our mission has been to make electric vehicles affordable and practical to everyday people like us because the consequences of our dependence on oil for 98% of our transportation needs are making the world worse off politically, environmentally and economically. The idea on how to do this wasn’t ours, however, but that of Mike Corbin. He founded Corbin Motors and built a one-person, enclosed, electric vehicle. Part of the inspiration for his vehicle, the Corbin Sparrow, came about when he noticed that most of the cars on the road had just one person in them, a waste of valuable road real estate. Another part of his inspiration was that he could build a vehicle that drives like a car but that would be lightly regulated as a motorcycle because it only had 3-wheels – which dramatically reduced the cost and time to mar


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