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Lithium Ion battery technology is taking a leap from personal electronics where it dominates as the energy storage medium to transport and industrial applications as the preferred choice. Lithium Ion batteries outperform other types of rechargeable battery technology in all aspects including but not limited to useable capacity, life cycles, charging time, OPEX just to name a few. Lithium is the lightest of all metals that has the greatest electrochemical potential and provides the largest energy density per volume and weight. In our view Lithium Ion technology has a crucial part to play in the migration away from fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources in transport, industry and residence.


Inherently Lithium-Ion is unstable especially while charging and need to be managed. However if certain precautions are met during charging and discharging, Li-Ion provides unparalleled advantages compared to other chemistries. That is why Battery Management is an essential enabling factor for the evolution of Lithium Ion battery. Safety, performance and reliability are some of the keywords that a Battery Management System should be accountable for.


While developing applications like electric vehicles, busses, scooters, motorcycles, trucks, industrial machines or wheelchair for disabled people, the team from LiTHIUM BALANCE is devoted to make BMS systems which meet the required safety, performance and reliability standards. The safety standard has been all along the guidance for our striving goal to achieve the safety level the market is asking for. In addition, we deliver a flexible BMS easy to tailor to specific application needs at an efficient cost level.

Having more than 400 customer projects and equipped with more than 10 years’ experience in BMS, the team always gives its relentless effort in helping our customers, partners and suppliers delivering the full range of products and services necessary for implementing safe, reliable and cost efficient energy storage solutions based on Lithium Ion battery technology

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