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Kia Korea

The Power to Surprise
Founded in (year): 1984
Profit: $ 2.37 billion
Revenue: $ 45.44 billion
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Electric Car Manufacturers

Electric Car Manufacturer

From its earliest days, Kia established a reputation as Korea’s automotive pioneer. The company was established in 1944, produced its first small car in 1974 and the first Korean-designed car in 1992. In 1993, Kia manufactured its three millionth vehicle – in 2016 alone, Kia produced and sold over three million cars. Today, Kia Motors is a global force in the automotive industry, and is part of the Hyundai Motor Group, the fifth largest automotive manufacturer in the world. Kia’s brand slogan – ‘The Power to Surprise’ – represents the company’s global commitment to surprise the world by providing exciting and inspiring experiences that go beyond expectations.

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