Gustav Klein Gmbh Kg

Testing- and Simulation Hardware of High Power Energy Storage
Founded in (year): 1948
Founder: Gustav Klein

EV-Battery-Test Equipment

GUSTAV KLEIN was founded 1948 in Schongau. 1969 our subsidiary company was established in Austria (in Inzing, near to Innsbruck). In both factories the company GUSTAV KLEIN has about  260 employees.

GUSTAV KLEIN develops and produces uninterruptible power supplies UPS, for DC-and AC load until 2 MW, as well as frequency converters, rectifiers, inverters, DC-converters. In the last decade GK made itself a name with his robust programmable DC source/sink for testing and simulation of batteries, fuel cells …. They have up to 4 channels 1000V up to 1000A and a total power of 500kW per single unit.

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