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EV-Electric Drive

EV-Electric Drive

To drive a cleaner, more sustainable world through leading-edge drive systems.


We will achieve this through our total focus on e-powertrain and driveline systems and our unmatched expertise in integration, software and controls, which enables us to see the future challenges of the automotive industry in a more fundamental way.

We will move mobility forward through the development of drive systems that enable and accelerate automotive technological advancement. And we will deliver continuous improvements in efficiency, performance and control, helping automakers produce next-generation vehicles with higher performance and efficiency.

We pioneered the technologies that made front-wheel drive cars possible. Our innovations made all-wheel drive more efficient and viable for smaller vehicles. We are now making mass production of electric drive systems a reality.

  • The reliability and quality of our products has led to us being a trusted development partner to all major vehicle manufacturers
  • Our drive system focus enables us to scale innovations at speed, no matter the complexity
  • Our product and process innovations make more advanced powertrains possible, paving the way for next generation vehicles

As vehicles become electrified and new digitally driven business models emerge, drive system innovation remains as central as ever to mobility. The demands shaping the future of the automotive industry require expert suppliers and development partners with deeper domain expertise than ever before.

Our expertise enables us to identify the underlying technical requirements for future mobility and to develop more reliable, higher quality technical solutions that create real value for our customers.


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