Empowering YOU to share rides/energy, saving time and the planet
Founded in (year): 2018
Founder: Proffesor Architect Miguel Angel Rodolfo Bravo
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EVShare disrupts transportation and energy sectors for the 21st Century through the sharing economy, dynamically distributed energy system and decentralized Blockchain technology.

EVShare utilizes a blockchain system we call “Decentralized Power Transportation.” Clean power is generated by many sources throughout the community – such as rooftop solar grids or wind farms – then collected and transported simultaneously with transit passengers and goods on vehicles, powered by high-density Lithium Ion batteries, which double as storage devices, forming a dynamic, ever moving, energy network.

EVShare uses connected, electric, autonomous, shared vehicles developed exclusively to enable ultra energy-efficient green ridesharing and clean energy transport. This MaaS (Mobility as a Service) transit ridesharing system can be hailed by passengers with one click from their smartphone and the EVShare app.

EVShare forms a technology ecosystem which facilitates the seamless flow of value, in the form of currency, energy and services, between various actors in diverse markets. This system is itself an open and auditable governance framework which empowers the community to manage the platform as well as all participants to make use of it – through rides, providing services and trading energy.

The EVShare platform integrates all its participants – vehicles, charging stations, energy producers, riders and the community – via a secure blockchain-based system comprised of series of Dapps (web3 Distributed Apps). Every transaction – such as trades of energy between vehicles and battery stations, or individuals paying vehicles for a ride – is handled by smart contracts, leveraging the security, transparency and reliability of the blockchain.

Through this ingenious method, clean power can be distributed, traded and shared in a secure fashion. EVShare creates a mobile “Internet of energy” to transport mobile power on highways and roads – instead of inefficient and expensive land-bound power wires and transformers – which can be deployed virtually anywhere, without requiring costly and time consuming infrastructure to be installed.

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