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Bosch Germany

Invented for life
Founded in (year): 1886
Founder: Robert Bosch
Profit: € 2.37 - billion (2016)
Revenue: € 73.12 billion (2016)
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The metropolises of this world exert a powerful magnetic attraction. People stream to them from all corners of the globe to live, work, and enjoy the city lifestyle. But as populations grow, so too does the urban landscape, with clogged roads, high noise levels, and poor air quality. Urban mobility today faces great challenges, and electromobility is one of the ways to counter them. Light electric vehicles are becoming an increasingly visible feature of this urban landscape, and Bosch technology has been on board for several years now. After starting out in 2010 with powertrains for e-bikes, Bosch has since emerged as the market leader in this segment in Europe. The e-bike has become a fundamental part of urban mobility, with its advanced yet user-friendly technology serving to maximize riding enjoyment. In Asia, e-scooters have been rolling along in city traffic over the past ten years. There are some 200 million such scooters on China’s roads alone, offering a quiet and resource-conserving transportation alternative. And there’s no compromise on speed: a small two-wheeler can weave quickly in and out of traffic. Thanks to its extensive expertise in the automotive world, Bosch is rigorously driving forward the electrification of the powertrain, recently expanding its efforts to include compact and sporty electric four-wheelers, too. As shown by e.GO Life, e-mobility doesn’t have to mean paying top dollar or sacrificing driving enjoyment. With its broad and seamless portfolio of powertrain systems, Bosch is making a lasting impact on urban life.

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