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Avan Motors – India


Electric Scooter Manufacturers

Electric Scooter Manufacturer

Avan Motors is an organization driven by innovation and technology. We constantly engage our smart, passionate and robust team to think out of the box and solve the challenges of the urban electric mobility.

Established in 2015, we build high-quality products that reinvent the urban electric mobility space. We have envisioned to build electric vehicles that drive us to a sustainable and eco-friendly future. With rigorous research and development of 3 years, we manufacture top of the line efficient, comfortable and budget-friendly electric scooters. Our products leave zero carbon footprint and redefine great user experience.

We have launched the Xero brand – Xero & Xero+ EV scooters. Our philosophy behind ‘Xero’ in Electric scooter is having Xero Emission, Xero Noise, Xero Maintenance Cost and ultimately putting Xero burden on the customer compared to the gasoline scooters. Our products Xero & Xero+ are stylishly designed, employing cutting edge technology, thereby creating a power of 1 KW energy which delivers a distance of 60 kms. Their running cost is only 10% as compared to gasoline scooter.


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