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World's first Solar City Car
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Solar Electric Car Manufacturers

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Squad Mobility develops the Squad, the first Solar City Car in the world for daily urban mobility. The Squad is a solution for emission free urban mobility, urban congestion and parking problems.

The Squad charges its batteries on direct solar energy from the solar panel on it’s own roof. The Squad can charge 20 km per day on solar energy. Alternatively the Squad can charge its portable and exchangeable batteries directly from the grid. The Squad is specifically designed for MaaS and sharing platforms.

The Squad combines the price point of an e-scooter with some of the comfort of a Car. e.g. stability, safety, weather protection and comfortable seating position.

The batteries of the Squad are portable and exchangeable.

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  1. Love it, this is the future of urban mobility!

    I Love it, this is the future of urban mobility.
    Driving on Solar Energy is like the ultimate sustainable solution. I want one!

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