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Alieno Hypercars – Bulgaria


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Electric Car Manufacturers: ALIENO unveiled its first debut model named ARCANUM.

Founded in 2015 with headquarters in Bulgaria, ALIENO creates hypercars from the future.

The name of the brand is derived from the Italian word “alieno”, which means “alien”.

ALIENO ARCANUM is an all-electric hypercar, which in its top version has power of 5221 hp (3840 kW), 8880 Nm of torque, a top speed of over 488 km/h (303 mph) and a power-to-weight ratio of up to 2.64 hp/kg.

The name of the model is derived from the Latin word “arcanum”, which means “the secret of the secrets”.

It is based on innovative ALIENO technologies and know-how and is a 2-door / 2-seater robotic all-electric hypercar. Actually, the first of its kind.

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