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Akka Technologies France

Akka technologies, a global company close to you
Founded in (year): 1984
Founder: Maurice Ricci
Profit: € 17 - billion (2016)
Revenue: € 1.123 billion (2016)
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Autonomous Drive Manufacturers

As a consulting and engineering Group and European leader in the mobility segment, AKKA Technologies operates in 20 countries through 21 centers of excellence. Our goal is to offer you the best in service and expertise. Driven by innovation and a passion for technologies, AKKA Technologies combines an entrepreneurial spirit with a visionary strategy. Our strength is that we understand the challenges our clients face. We assist them throughout the product development process, no matter how complex their visions are. Our remarkable positioning with our in-house research center AKKA Research and our unique Franco-German axis qualifies us to be a leader on the global market.

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