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Us Led, Ltd. – Usa

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EV-Charging Manufacturers

Since 2001, US LED has been a full-service provider of commercial lighting, signage, and EV charging solutions. Ever since its early days in LED lighting, the company’s growing industry expertise has quickly transformed it into a major manufacturer offering a wide spectrum of products and services. Additionally, much of our product portfolio is assembled in our plant in Houston, Texas.

Advantages For You

Ultra-Long Product Lifetimes: Lumen maintenance approaches or exceeds 200,000 Hours (L70).
Industry-Leading Warranties: Provides greater safety, less hassle, and more peace of mind.
Most Responsive Manufacturer In The Industry: A single point of contact that will do the right thing, the right way, and on time.
What We Offer

Industry Expertise: Over 20 years in business and over 20,000+ successful installations using our lighting and technology solutions.
EV Chargers: Plug-and-play charging solutions that can accommodate on-site guests and a fleet of commercial electric vehicles. (AC/DC Fast)
General Lighting: Unique portfolio of indoor and outdoor commercial LED lighting solutions.
Sign Lighting: Comprehensive selection of commercial sign lighting products.
Building Technology: Digital, scalable, and flexible building technology solutions for nearly every commercial installation.
We Have Everything You Need

Advanced Engineering & Design-Build Services
Single Source of Manufactured Products
Photometric Layouts & Studies
Project Commissioning
Dedicated Project Management
ROI Analysis, & Rebate Management
Certified Installations
Maintenance, Repair, & Warranty Support

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