Spira4u Co.

SAFEST, GREENEST vehicle on Earth as Lighter is greener,

Electric Vehicles Manufacturers

Electric Vehicles Manufacturer

If you’re dropping an egg, do you put it in a heavy metal can or a foam box like Spira4u?
4 feet of foam up front and 4” inches on the side/ back. Special honey comb core board chassis with foam body. Spira4u is the cure for the #1 killer of people as crashes and pollution kill 6 per minute. Vehicles kill 3 million annually and hurt 100,000,000. +300 MPGe with Lithium and hub motors. 3 and 4 wheel versions. Plus a 20 foot Van with solar power has been built and is being tested. Weighing 1/5 to 1/10 of normal vehicles makes Spira4u the Greenest as 1/2 of the carbon and resources are spent before driving in a vehicle’s production.

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