Chongqing Senku Machinery Imp And Exp Co., Ltd

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Founded in (year): 1998
Founder: Sun Li
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EV-Wireless Charging Stations Manufacturers (AC/DC)

EV-Charging Station Manufacturer

CHONGQING SENKU MACHINERY IMP AND EXP CO., LTD is dedicated to provide the leading quality and safety ev charging stations to all over the world. We have AC Charger, DC Charger, Portable Charger and Charging plug and Vehicle side charging socket. We studies various standards, and test various vehicles, Now, we can do Type2 charging station,  Type 1 charging station, CCS2 charging station, CCS1 Charging station, CHADEMO charging station and GBT charging station. what’s more, our charger support the standard OCPP1.6 protocol (Update to OCPP 2.0 soon), easy to connected to your back-end and APP.

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