Motiv Power Systems

Freeing Fleets from Fossil Fuels
Founded in (year): 2009
Founder: Jim Castelaz
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This company is a start-up

Electric Truck Conversion

Motiv Power Systems is committed to freeing fleets from
fossil fuels. Motiv’s Electric Powered Intelligent Chassis™
(EPIC) is a complete, body-ready, all-electric equivalent to
the internal combustion engine powered chassis used in
medium-duty fleet vehicles. Motiv’s EPIC all-electric chassis
family is available for walk-in vans, box trucks, school buses,
shuttle buses, work trucks, and specialty vehicles.
EPIC all-electric chassis are CARB certified, GSA approved,
and offer the same performance and functionality as diesel
or gasoline equipped equivalents. EPIC chassis eliminate
100% of vehicle emissions, ensure smooth and nearly silent
operation, and provide a healthier environment for their
operators, riders, and the communities they serve.

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