Keel laying ceremony

We’ve been excited about our first ship for some time now. After lots of planning and design, the latest in a series of reveals took place with our inaugural keel laying ceremony.

“Getting laid we’ve heard of, but what on earth is a keel?” you ask. Totally valid question.

In short, it’s the foundation of a ship. In the olden days, it was when shipbuilders first placed the backbone of a vessel.

Today, ships are built in sections; 399 on our ship to be precise. Our keel laying was the lowering of the first section into the drydock. We also welded newly minted coins into the keel for good luck.

Adorned at the hull you’ll find our beautiful, mermaid guide. Inspired by the traditional bows from ships of yore, she is our ship’s muse. The soul of the voyage. Our elegant leader. The feminine spirit of the ship.

Designed with the glitter and glam of a yacht, the ship’s livery stands out on the high seas. She glides with a unique level of sophistication paired with an unapologetic aire of mystery. A design meant to excite and inspire sailors to want to explore every corner.

Oh, and did we mention we celebrated her keel laying in true Virgin style?

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