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Nearly all manufacturers of parts that are needed for developing an electric vehicle can be found at b2bev. In the section for electric vehicle powertrain manufacturers, you can find manufacturers that develop complete powertrains for several different electric vehicles. Find a manufacturer in our list of all electric vehicle powertrain manufacturers, view the company details and get in touch. b2bev, connecting eMobility.

An efficient and safe powertrain

A finely tuned and properly working electric vehicle powertrain will lead to a more efficient vehicle and better results. Another important advantage is that the complete set of parts that make up the powertrain have been tested thoroughly so you know that it is an efficient and safe powertrain.

Every type of electric vehicle has its own powertrain

The powertrain differs from one type electric vehicle to another. For example, the configuration of a powertrain for completely electric vehicles (EV) is not the same as that of a plug-in hybrid (PHEVs). We don’t currently make that distinction in this section. Since every type of electric vehicle has its own powertrain, perhaps this will become the case in the near future, allowing for an even more detailed overview.

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Find nearly every electric vehicle powertrain manufacturer at b2bev. Here you can read about it because you’ll find all of the company’s detailed information, and get in touch. Is your company not yet listed at b2bev? Register the company by clicking on the button below. Add you EV company