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All electric vehicles depend on a decent battery. That is the main reason why the number of electric vehicle battery manufacturers is increasing enormously fast. All vehicles require a different battery. The developments in the field of electric vehicle batteries focus primarily on: expanding the coverage area, reducing weight, and a longer lifespan. The electric vehicle manufacturers mentioned below all aim for more profit. Learn everything about these electric vehicle battery manufacturers. Connecting eMobility. Let’s compare the battery of a mobile phone to that of a car Often, we compare the battery of a mobile phone to that of a car. This is not surprising as mobile phone batteries are very advanced and are continually being improved. The goal of mobile phones battery manufacturers is, after all, the same as that of electric vehicle battery manufacturers: improved endurance and a size that is as compact as possible. Batteries for EVs have a few extra important goals. These are lifespan, weight and strength. These developments are evolving so quickly that with every launch of a new electric model, a new record is broken when it comes to coverage area.


manufacturers play an important role within the EV world The growth within the electric vehicle market strongly relies on the developments of battery manufacturers for EVs. The expenses for batteries decline when more batteries are being sold. The competition is growing and an increasing number of investors are choosing the battery market over the oil market. It’s clear that battery manufacturers play an important role within the EV world and expectations are high. How the lifespan of a battery is affected Step by step, the battery becomes slower, which means less power. American research shows that Tesla Model S drivers that had driven 100,000 miles were faced with a loss of less than 8%. According to Tesla, the battery still has 80% of its original power when the car has driven 500,000 miles. How the lifespan of a battery is affected depends on several factors and so it can only be estimated. The batteries that are being developed by electric vehicle battery manufacturers are lithium batteries. Every time a battery is charged and used until it’s dead is called a cycle. The batteries become less effective as a result of, among other things, high temperatures, overcharging, extreme use, low voltage and fast driving. The battery should never be charged completely or used up until it’s completely dead. Electric vehicle battery manufacturers are making sure that this is all being checked by battery management. It checks and analyses the status of the battery continuously and provides the user with tips for extending the lifespan of the battery. Benefit from extra visibility as manufacturer There are many reasons why following battery manufactures for electric cars is very interesting. At b2bev, you can find many of these manufacturers. Are you a manufacturer and are you not yet on the list? You can register today and benefit from extra visibility as a manufacturer within the EV world. Connecting eMobility. Add you EV company