All Electric Scooter Manufacturers

Particularly in Asia, we find many electric scooter manufacturers. This is not that surprising, as the market for scooters there is much more advanced. However, the electric scooter is also becoming increasingly popular in Europe and America. The number of manufacturers is rising rapidly on all continents. Because of that, the network is expanding and the chance of fruitful collaborations is rising as well. Connecting eMobility for electric scooter manufacturers.
The number of electric scooter manufacturers is increasing rapidly because it does not require big investments. Grants are also boosting production in several countries.

Lower savings on energy costs means a slow start

In America and Europe, the number of electric scooter companies keeps rising. Lower savings on energy costs has meant a slower start for this industry. Apparently, minimal financial savings can be achieved by electric scooter manufacturers because, on average, people drive fewer miles on a scooter, compared to an electric car or truck.

Lower development costs mean quicker innovation

The investments needed to develop electric scooters are lower than those of cars, for example. The primary reason for this is that fewer (complex) parts are being used. As a result, many smaller electric scooter manufacturers focus on this industry. Find them all at b2bev. Connecting eMobility. Add you EV company