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Electric bus manufacturers are making the public transport industry in cities more sustainable with the development of hybrid and electric buses. Larger cities in particular are faced with problems as a result of gas emissions by traditional combustion engines. The space that buses have, for not only passengers, but also for batteries, is the reason that this industry is developing so rapidly. View all electric bus companies and stay up to date with ongoing developments. Connecting eMobility.

Air pollution in large cities makes sustainable industry necessary

France, the UK and Germany invest a lot in making the public sector more sustainable. We could say that these countries are more or less the market leaders within Europe. That does not mean that other countries are merely followers. China is one of the Asian countries that is fully focused on producing electric buses. This is not surprising as China has been dealing with extremely polluted air in large cities for a long time now and this air pollution in large cities makes sustainable industry necessary.

Electric buses are economically appealing

There are more reasons for the rapid increase in electric bus manufacturers, in addition to governmental measures that have been adopted. An electric bus also has economic advantages compared to a traditional bus. First of all, the maintenance expenses are lower. Buses often take a longer stop at the starting station and at the station at the end of the line. This means that they have got extra time to recharge. These important factors, combined with the fact that buses have a lot more space for batteries, are the reasons that electric buses are economically appealing and the developments made by electric bus manufacturers are moving at such a quick pace. Are you an electric bus manufacturer and have you not yet registered at b2bev? Then you are missing out on visibility and potential collaborations. You can register right now: Add you EV company