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Within the car industry in particular, innovations in the field of automatic driving are developing rapidly, but also in other industries, such as the boat industry, things are moving incredibly quickly. The adoption of new techniques and software from smaller software companies means extra speed. In the section Autonomous Drive Manufacturers you can find all the bigger manufacturers as well as the smaller software developers that are in this market. View all manufacturers, read all of the company details and expand your network. Connecting eMobility for autonomous drive manufacturers.
Surprisingly, many people think that self-driving cars are a modern innovation, but this is far from the truth. Even in the 1920s, it was already being developed. A self-driving car even drove on Fifth Avenue back then. Although it was remote controlled, it was already the beginning of autonomous drive. During the world wars, all developments ground to a halt. In the 50s, experiments started up again.

The most important ingredients are sensors, radar and Lidar

In order to let a car drive autonomously, a lot of technical equipment and software are needed. Think of Radar (or Google Lidar) that continuously makes 360º scans of the surroundings and helps determine your location. Smaller sensors, such as sensors that count the rotations of tires, play an important role in determining your position. The most important ingredients are sensors, radar and Lidar because all of the information from these sensors and the radar, which are used for determining the distance between other cars, are processed by processors that need to be able to estimate the surroundings and the situation in real time.

Collecting a lot of data is one thing, processing it quickly is another

In the section Autonomous Drive Manufacturers you’ll also find many chip and software developers that can collect and/or process an increasing amount of data in order to make self-driving cars safer as a result of innovations. Find all developers, view all company details and get in touch. b2bev, Connecting eMobility. Add you EV company